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Location Features

Brikston romanian brick walls

Exterior finish

Energy-efficient German Panoramic Windows Rehau

Armored door

Electricity networks, Polish electric cable Elpar

Cold and hot water supply, Poland and Czech Republic

Individual heating, France and Italy

Satellite and Internet

Own apartment project

Location Features

The central part of the city of Chernivtsi

Proximity to the park. TG Shevchenko;

Convenient transport interchange, infrastructure, near kindergartens and school.

Landscaping local area and placing on it children's playgrounds, recreation areas.

Parking space for each apartment.

The territory is under round-the-clock security.

Brikston romanian brick walls

All houses are built of brick from Romanian production BRIKSTON

BRIKSTON Brick is a healthy material because:
- Does not release volatile organic compounds, and as in In normal circumstances in the event of a fire;
- Does not contain fiber that enters the air and Inhalation can accumulate in the lung Cloth;
- Is not radioactive;
- Does not contain organic nutrients and not Saves water, so it does not promote development Microorganisms and molds.

The brick has a high thermal insulation capacity for Account of vertical emptiness filled Air The lower the coefficient of thermal conductivity The better the heat is stored in your home.

In the event of an earthquake, the BRIKSTON brick is security For your family, because it exceeds even The highest requirements of seismic standards Design and highest fire resistance class.

Exterior decoration

Insulation of the facade:
- Foam "Evrobud" 35 Eco 100mm;
- Foam "Evrobud" 25 Eco 50mm;
- ТEXHOPLEX / TECHNOPLEX 1180 * 580 * 50 extruder;

Painting the facade:
- CT 17/10 кг Deep penetrating soil;
- СТ 40/10 The paint is facade structural;
- CT 16/10 Pro Primer paint;
- СТ 85/27 Pro Mixture for reinforcement PPP;
- СТ 84 Express Polyurethane mixture 850 ml. Foam glue for PPS;

The roof of the house is a PVC membrane

Energy-efficient German Panoramic Windows Rehau

Multi-sectional energy-saving panoramic windows create a bright, spacious and cozy home for you.

REHAU windows are safe, easy and comfortable. The REHAU profile system meets the high European energy saving home standards.

REHAU windows are resistant to atmospheric influences and are unpretentious in care.

At each window a warranty certificate with a warranty period of 12 years is issued.

Incoming armored door

Armored doors of the highest quality are installed in each apartment, which in the future do not require replacement.

Armored doors from the "Bolen" window factory have a high level of strength, durability and sound insulation.

The doors are equipped with two locks - the main lock (bottom) -Kala 252 + pen socket and an additional lock (top) - Kale 257.

Additionally installed 2-piece screws. - This is an addition to the protection against breaking the locks of your doors.

Foam insulation with a thickness of 40 mm, a two-contour sealant and a metal sheet of 1.6 mm on one side. The thickness of the door leaf reaches 74 mm.

Двері кріпляться на раму за допомогою трьох петель на підшипниках.

Finishing of the door leaf and cabinets is made of MDF 16 mm.

The door view has a panoramic view.

Frame and shutter of copper color.

Armored Door Bastion from the Bolen Windows Factory is a reliable protection and security for your home.

Electricity networks, Polish electric cable Elpar

Installation of wiring is carried out in accordance with the existing rules and regulations, with taking into account European experience and personal wishes of clients skilled professionals with many years of experience.

For your convenience and safety, each room of your apartment and individual powerful devices are protected by a separate circuit breaker.

The layout of the cables on the walls is logical and predictable for the purpose minimize the risk of cable damage during repairs or fixing furniture, appliances and decor elements.

Each apartment is connected to the ground plane. We work so that you are safe and comfortable in your apartments!

Cold and hot water supply, Poland and Czech Republic

Pipes of the company Wavin Czech Republic.
Thermal insulation of Sanflex Poland.
Itap Italy cranes.

Household sewage.
Branch of the risers by a tee In places of interconnection of apartments Sewer networks Plumbing to plumbing fixtures

Tube thick 3-layer Wavin Poland company.
Stands without fuss Poland.

Individual heating, France and Italy

Each apartment is equipped with a qualitative heating system - VIESSMANN two-circuit boilers of German manufacture and two-contour Boilers Chaffoteaux producer France with a closed combustion chamber Power 24 kW

Installing the battery in each room with the possibility of connecting the warm floor; Towel dryer of your choice in size and color (white, silver); Plumbing of heating and sewage - leading European firms; Outlets for cold and hot water, drains in the kitchen, bathroom and toilets;

The bathroom has drainage racks, which will ensure the removal of unwanted liquid from the floor surface. In this way you will not flood the neighbors from below, and you will not flood the neighbors from the upper floors.

A dry shuttle trap provides sewage drainage filtration, which prevents the penetration of sewage odor into the room;

All heating devices, outputs for cold and hot water, Sewage pits are installed individually after agreement Places and their numbers.

Satellite and Internet

Each house is equipped with two satellite dishes and Internet for one entrance with a wiring in each apartment in accordance with Pre-agreed places.

Own apartment project

Build your own apartment by yourself!

You have the opportunity to design your apartment with a convenient option with the help of our designers.